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Dr. Jason and Tory Goodwin, standing and smiling with three dogs sitting with them.

Welcome to Gentle Hands Cherished Paws

We Are...

We are a veterinarian/veterinary technician team who offer in-home veterinary end of life care services to families throughout the greater Seattle area.


After spending the majority of our careers working in specialty hospitals we witnessed time and time again the heartbreak, stress, and devastation that inevitably occurred when a family was forced to say good-bye to a beloved family pet in the heat of an emergent situation.


Those who were able to muster the courage to do “what was best” for their pet found little comfort in knowing that they had in fact done the right thing, and those who were able to take their pet home had few resources to guide them through keeping their pet comfortable.

We Got Started...

In 2013 we began practicing in home end of life care for veterinary patients to provide an alternative that would support and honor the entire family through this difficult albeit inevitable transition. In that time we found that the comfort and peace a pet and their family feel in their own home can cause this heartbreaking situation to go from tragic to peaceful and even a beautiful experience.

In 2016, after seeing first hand the peace this service afforded so many families, we decided to practice end of life care exclusively and Gentle Hands Cherished Paws was born. Our hope is to continue helping to educate and empower pet parents to better care for their pets during their golden years and to provide support to their families during this difficult transition.

Dr. Jason, a brunette man, hugging a tabby cat over his shoulder.



You can find the full testimonials page here.

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